Problems (Big Ones) with Rating system

    • Problems (Big Ones) with Rating system

      I know that both these issues have been posted on here in different threads, but this post pulls them together.

      There are MAJOR issues with the rating system at the moment, it is broken.

      Issue 1: Ships losing rank a long time before the 30 day period quoted.
      I have ships losing rank on a daily basis. I have ships that have been gold rank and have now dropped to silver and I haven't even had them for 30 days. The 30 day period before drop is NOT working.
      (To clarify... The rating numbers drop... It's not just a case of the gold standard moving as players get better at the ship)

      Issue 2: Ships stuck in Qualifying Matches
      I have Ships (Now 7 in total and rising) that have had rank, and all of a sudden drop to qualifying matches again... No matter how many games I play in them, they are stuck in qualifying. At the end of a battle it shows me completing my 7th Qualifying match but does not then go onto a rank... If I play them again, it again shows me completing my 7th Qualifying match.

      The above issues are extremely frustrating. especially as my favorite line of ships (Skid line) are all stuck in this way.

      @Omega Please can we have some developer feedback on these issues as it is ruining my experience of Cloud Pirates at present and from speaking to other players, they are finding it just as frustrating
      Avast Behind

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    • Now I am getting really angry over this issue... I now have 14 ships locked in Qualifying... 14 ships... It's ridiculous... The time, effort and most importantly MONEY, I have spent on this game in the past few months is massive.
      I EXPECT better for the amount I have spent and we are being ignored!

      @Omega ... For Heaven's sake get this sorted. Not another penny will be spent by me until it is fixed. This is totally ruining what is a great game. And at least talk to us about it... Enough people have pointed it out...

      14 ships LOCKED IN QUALIFYING!!!!!!!!
      Avast Behind