T4 and population, are we getting there?

    • T4 and population, are we getting there?

      Today it is 1 month since game was officialy released. For all you active t4 players, this topic is more a question about/feedback in regards to the population in T4.

      Yesterday i took my first baby stepps into t4. i have a skidbladnir and colossus. 4 more are xp unlocked thanks to the wonderfull plunder week but still missing 8 mill gold.
      What i sadly noticed is that the population is very low in t4. half of my matches in eu tz primetime(before bh battles started) was whit more ai then humans, aka non rating battles. wait times was never under 2.30.(t3 is 30 sec or less even in the afternoon)

      This left a bitter taste. i kinda left the ai battles behind when cbt ended, only expecting them if i would to play in the odd times of the day.
      And whit the latest Q&A saying a 3rd nation is beeing developed, i fear that will kinda stop the t4 grind as players will want to try and grind new lines instead of getting thuse t4s they are allready working on.

      So for all you t4 players that was there when the game started or very clouse to your first t4, is t4 beeing populated too slowly or at just the right pace for a 1 month old game? (or is the 2 mill price tag too steep for the avrage player and thus they quit the game before getting their first t4?)

      I realy do not want to play whit or against ai, i prefer humans and as sutch debating whit myself if i should just wait another 4 weeks before i activly start to play t4.
      a frozen norwegian whit KB dysleksia
    • Unfortunately dropping the price of t4s as it stands right now would result in a few problems.

      While this would help alleviate AI majority games in t4, it will also hurt the game because people will get to t4 and stay there, causing t2/3 games to become AI majority unless the population continues to rise at a good rate. The other option is that people will get a couple t4s, grind them a bit, then leave the game if there is nothing new on the horizon waiting for them.

      Personally, I think adding a third nation and doing a tier split may be a better option. I can see a few certain ships being picked out of t4 and moved up to t5. Tier 5 ships can cost 2 mil and Tier 4 ships can drop to like 1 mil to purchase.

      Or just adding new ships that are tier 5 could also solve this problem if they make those cost 2 mil and dropping tier 4 to 1 mil. The jump from tier 4 ships costing 10.5 times more than tier 3 is certainly daunting and the reason why many people just aren't there yet.

      Though, to be honest, I've had worse grinds in worse games so if everything stayed the way it is now, I'd also be fine with that.

      All of this, of course, is incumbent on devs providing more information to the players. Unless I'm missing dates, the Q&A uses the answer "yes we are working on this, it is coming in the first updates" for a few of the questions. This unfortunately doesn't mean much from a player's stand point because if they consider the first five updates to be the "first" and only release them at a rate of one substantial update very two months, then that may not be enough to keep people playing and waiting. They'd be more likely to get to a point where they're happy, leave the game, and come back a year later if it's still alive to enjoy all the updates they were expecting in the first few months.
    • Overall our Server population is still really decent , besides the occasional "Flow OP" rage . i see barely any "black sheeps" . But that mostly goes for T4 which also features a lot of our very nice and respective beta communtiy at this point.

      This is no call out against new players ' love you guys ! ..... in front of ma gunz.....
      I do not think I need to introduce myself .... :evil:
    • the Gold system atm is so punishable for new players without Premium, 1 mistake on your ship tree selection and you end up stuck playing a ship you don't like till you reach the amount of gold needed to start over, not even talking about t4 which itself is a pain in the a** to play, even with a good ship, gearing it up is cancer, playing without strat modules (to save gold) in most ships is also cancer, and you get bored way before getting another 2m gold for the next t4, on top of that you need to invest every single treasure map on gold, avoiding crew cards, maps fragments or other cool stuff just to save enough gold to buy the next ship or even repair/buy modules for the current ones.

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    • just reduce repair/consumables cost 50%, that way even if you lose the match, you'll earn enough to repair and re-buy consumables without getting negative gold, therefore even if you lose and don't make profit, at least you can enjoy playing matches with consumables and ship's full capacity.
    • sharzul wrote:

      Cloud Pirates - Steam Charts

      1,732 => 757

      This is only by steam, but also says what

      And this in a month. In few months it will be about 200-300

      Many players listen. There are not enough new players

      At night in europe you often play bots in the majority
      this was to be expected.
      now that the game is removed from the frontpage and highlights on steam, players have to activly look for the game to find it.
      the only thing that can boost player pop now is adds.

      but yea the massive price gap from t3 to t4 is one of the biggest issues. and then when players finaly buys a t4, they hit the battle button and suddenly it is 3-4 min wait time for a non rated match aka bots, when t3 is 30 sec or less wait time and never sees any bots at all unless you play in the middel of the night.

      it gets depressing to play t4.
      a frozen norwegian whit KB dysleksia
    • In my eyes T3 prices are fair and we should just stay there, as for T4 dont even bother with it until they fix the prices or increases the rewards. The game was really fun for me up until i reached my first T4 ships, basicly all i can 2 mil down the drain, would have better bought more T3 ships and fully equiped them.
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      Cats Meow wrote:

      Ninja wrote:

      you bleed credits if you use consumables
      actually that seems to be the reason this game has consumables
      Yeah and it's p2w stupid (or perhaps let me rephrase that into p2-becompetitive?), considering you are pretty much forced to have a premium account to grind in tier 4 if you want to go anywhere. The 50% difference is just an illusion, it's in fact a LOT more due to repair costs and consumables! This doesn't feel right, really :/ I've been saying that since forever pretty much, and after having run out of premium again, I see it once more.