Tier 3 Map Drop Rates

    • Tier 3 Map Drop Rates

      I cannot recall where I saw it, but about a week ago I saw a thread where people were complaining that rubies dropped in maps upon opening when they first started playing and have since completely stopped dropping altogether despite each tier 3 map stating that they do in fact have a chance to drop rubies.
      When players disagreed, the devs stated that according to their numbers, rubies were dropping as they should.

      When I saw this, I decided to start gathering data so I could publish an unbiased finding on what the drop rates look like since the actual numbers were never supplied to players. Our group started gathering screenshots of their map drops and I saved them, each time marking how many of each type of resource dropped per map. As far as the rarity of the maps is concerned, I did not bother to take this into account as the drop rates seem to be static across all the different map types. The only value that changes is the quantity of the resource given when it shows up on said map.

      In terms of quantity of resources given, I did not believe it pertinent to include an average amount of each resource considering the farther through the map you go, the higher quantity of resources you receive for whatever may pop up. I was, however, able to calculate that out of 200 maps, the average distance that is traveled is 3.23 "X's". This means that on average, approximately 3 different resources are given out of each map that is opened.

      After collecting 200 screenshots and gathering the data, I believe this is a sufficient representation to be, at least relatively close, to what the actual drop rates are.

      Chance For Each Resource To Drop

      Gold: 51.24%
      Free XP: 23.53%
      Talent Distribution Points: 10.84%
      Collector's Map Fragments: 9.60%
      Captain XP: 9.60%
      Crew (Regardless of Rarity): 5.88%
      Rubies: 0.15%

      As you can see, Gold and Free XP are by far the most prevalent drop for maps. Talent Distribution Points, Map Fragments, and Captain XP all have a similar drop rate, followed by Crew with a slightly lower number, with Rubies at the bottom of the barrel with only one appearance over the course of 200 maps and 646 total drops.

      I thoroughly enjoyed putting this together and hope it helps shed some light on what you can expect to receive each time you open a map.

      I will be getting to tier 4 soon and plan on doing a similar study for those maps as well.

      If anybody would like to contribute, the more data the better!

      I'd suggest doing it one of two ways:
      1. Send your screenshots to cloudpiratemaps@gmail.com
      2. You can PM them to me directly in the forum.

      All I ask is that for each email/PM you send, they include at least 10 map result screenshots so I don't get bogged down sifting through hundreds of emails with one screenshot a piece. Additionally, in the subject for the email/PM, please state which tier your maps are from. I only intend on doing t3 and t4 maps, so please make sure your results are from maps of those tiers.

      Thanks for reading and I hope this helps some of you!
    • Wasn't that supposed to be one of the selling points for the game? You could pay for Premium without spending money due to the Rubies dropping? So far I have gotten one Ruby drop for 3 rubies. This leaves me only like 747 rubies to go for one week of Premium. Go Me!! Or I could save up another 4497 for a Sandstorm! Gonna take a long time at a rate 3 rubies for every 200 maps.