[NLR] Evening Armada's CTA

    • [NLR] Evening Armada's CTA

      This is admiral "Quicksilver" Crescent Koth speaking, high commander of the New Lunar Republic's 13th Expansion Fleet.

      As you probably already know, after the disasterous destruction of Astral, our expeditionary fleets were scattered, the communication lines were destroyed... and our great and beloved Leader vanished. Moreover, we're recording extremely strong activity of bipedal pirates practically everywhere. They're messing around the whole sector, spreading chaos, serving their mutual greed and false - or even worse - celestial idols. I don't need to explain that such a state of affairs is highly unacceptable. On the behalf of the Princess, we may be cut off and outnumbered, but we're never powerless!

      I order this message to all surviving ships, loyal officers and ponycrews alike, of the great and invincible Evening Armada: Soldiers, our duty never ends. Answer the call, rejoin our ranks and help us to bring back Order and Justice in this wicked part of multiverse. Because when the Night Lady finally comes back, we will be ready.

      In umbra luna est.

      TL;DR version:

      As for now, we play mainly for fun. Mainly EU time zone... for now, again. But we're the good ponies here. We like to "use" teamplay and tactics. And we fight for the right things, you know.

      Rec. requirements and stuff:
      - a rare plus diamond ability to "play for fun" (so: "nope" for trolling, rage obsessions and irl problems)
      - some healthy dose of skill (dont be an absolute 100% shooting-practice drone for enemy team)
      - loads of sense of humour/humor (and we're not grammar nazis... mostly)
      - set of 4 hooves, ev. pair of wings OR horn attached
      - no alicorn magic (sorry, there can be only the one Princess)
      - Discord is always welcomed (unless he refuses...); Discord
      - EN/PL dialect (either)

      Contact ingame:
      AdmiralKoth - commanding officer
      Bulahj - second hoof on the deck
      Sardaukar - the bravest warrior of all
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      Regina noctis pro nobis ~ Regina noctis pro nobis ~ Lunae Lumen

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    • We're still here! Drifting through chillax, at various and randomous hours between t2 and t4 games. If you're still looking for your very own place in overwhelming piratical chaos, our retired officer often hangs on the old and rusty chat from early 1980's (do not take him off the rope!).
      In the proud Evening Armada, a good ship is fairly often welcomed. A good story always.

      NLR ranks stand open for formidable pooneyghs and magnificent Moon lovers. Everypone else hate us from the begining (or just simply ignore...);

      ...but we got the cider. And moonshine, but don't tell the Princess.

      ~20 open slots for now.

      Display Spoiler

      NLR poster by Grumbeerkopp © 2012

      Regina noctis pro nobis ~ Regina noctis pro nobis ~ Lunae Lumen
    • Well... six weeks have passed. The ships have been repaired, and the entire fleet has regrouped.
      We're still here. Afterall, we're eternal and inevitable as the Night itself.
      But moreover, the recruitment point you can find in our canteen is still open!

      Regina noctis pro nobis ~ Regina noctis pro nobis ~ Lunae Lumen
    • Attention, Fleet! I will not talk much this time. But the news is huge. Our dearest Princess has returned. Literally. And She generously brought the Shroud of Darkness with her.

      We're now fully expanded, new 20 slots open.
      We are the New Lunar Republic, Pride of the Evening Armada.

      Luna nos custodit.
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      Regina noctis pro nobis ~ Regina noctis pro nobis ~ Lunae Lumen
    • New

      Quick question: Are you in recruitment of non-unicorn Captains? I mean, I don't mind it, but I don't want anyone going crazy about "Unicorns being superior". . . .
      (Though I don't mind the occasional unicorn "magic" if ya know what I mean)

      Seriously though, I'd love to join this guild, but really... Ponies?

      As implied before, I do not have hooves/a horn/wings, but I do have cake.
      Yeah, I have Discord - not mic chatting though.
      The only language I speak is English, so you're not gonna have a problem there.
      ...I'm not entirely sure what alicorn magic is, but whatever it is I don't have it.
      I'm not sure you'd like my sense of humor... But I can alter it for a better crowd when necessary.
      Yes, I have skill, and yes, I play for fun. Unless it's on a scheduled battle, like Convoy Plunder or Outpost Siege. Then I get "serious" (Moderately).

      My IGN is Inceptus. Invite if you, again, are recruiting non-unicorn Captains.
      As a last-second decision, I decided to make this entire post in Comic Sans font.
      Yes really.
      I now write all of my posts in the Comic Sans font.

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