Server Maintenance - July 26

Learn about Patch 1.5.31 coming on July 26 2017!


Cloud Pirates servers will not be available on July 26 2017, starting from 10 AM CEST, for two hours.


The purpose of this downtime is the introduction of Patch 1.5.31.

In Patch 1.5.31, we are introducing the opportunities to obtain Lost Crew’s Treasure Maps. Please note that they will only be enabled one day after the Patch deployment.

  • Fixed Crew Skill interface. Previously, skills were rounded incorrectly, causing seemingly no increase in Crew Skill values, where in fact they were increased
  • The “shell range and velocity” crew skill now works correctly for beam guns as well
  • Fixed the captain name color when pressing Tab in the game
  • Fixed the strategic module price for the Charon and Chaplain
  • Fixed the bug that caused sale ads to appear after every battle
  • Fixed the support point income rate for the Onyx guns of the Messiah ship
  • Fixed the lights on the engine of the Gladiator
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