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Introducing Cloud Pirates balance patch 1.4.28

On the 8th of June 2017, starting from 9:00 CEST (12 AM PDT), the server will not be available for 3 hours due to the introduction of Patch 1.4.28


List of Patch 1.4.28 Changes


Added the mechanics for incoming damage reduction. Every time when the ship receives any type of healing (from herself or any other effect or source) - the amount of restored durability (both for the shields and the hull) is saved.

When this amount reaches the maximum ship hull durability, the next incoming healing is reduced to 70%.

When this amount exceeds the maximum durability by 100%, the healing is reduced to 51%; when it exceeds it by 200% - to 34%; by 300% - to 24%; by 400% - to 16%.

The reduction value is reset when the ship is destroyed and gradually drops in non-combat mode (the maximum reduction is removed in 60 seconds).


  • Added the hints for the ship controls and the general gaming process which are displayed during the matchmaking. You can disable the hints in the settings.
  • The sail shadow now does not disappear upon the change of the sail sticker.
  • Fixed the bug where killing assists are not sufficiently rewarded.


  • Added a new tutorial quest for playing in a party.

Maps and Modes

  • Now the reward for battle is less reduced when there are bots among the participants.
  • Fixed the mode task descriptions. Fixed the winning conditions descriptions for all parties.
  • Medium Engineering Frigates and Overlord Strategic Battleship are no longer considered support ships (they do not count toward towards the 1 support ship limit in party battles).
  • Fixed the bug where the group bonus for gold and experience is added in rating combats.

Payload Convoy Plunder

  • Fixed the bug where battles in this mode last for 14 minutes instead of 10.

Glacial Stillness

  • Fixed the bug where players can instantly respawn in the Control Point Capture mode.


  • Added the limit for the maximum turn speed. This helps avoid drifting and losing control for small ships with lots of accelerating effects.
  • Fixed the bugs where certain module-disabling abilities do not work on the Strategic Reinforcement modules.
  • Fixed the bug where you can’t buy a ship if you have just enough experience to buy it.
  • Support ships have been divided off into a separate class with its own icon.
  • Reduced the durability restoration efficiency (both for the hull and the shields; including the modules that restore durability from the inflicted damage) for most tactical modules (apart from the already least efficient ones) by ~15%.
  • The boost effect that the ship receives after she respawns has been divided into 2 effects. One increases her speed and is removed with cannon fire (as before). The other one reduces incoming damage and visibility and is removed with using any abilities or firing.

Developers’ comment: “The reason we did that was that previously the ship could teleport (once or even twice) right into the thick of battle and remain invisible for some time.”

Light Stealth Corvette (Doom, Black Widow)

  • Stealth corvettes with the Disguise module now forcedly lose the disguise when they try to capture a control point. For that reason, the fourth combat module is added (when installing the Disguise module). When the disguise is removed, the ship becomes visible and can capture a point.
  • Black Widow: fixed the bug where the Tactical Defense ability restores durability by 25% of the inflicted damage.

Heavy Battleship (Rock, Bastion, Citadel, Colossus)

  • Added the tutorial video.


  • Cascade bow cannons: the fact that the target receives more damage than other enemies within the hitting range is now included in the description.
  • Cascade bow cannon now fires a barrage of two missiles instead of one, but those missiles are twice less powerful.


  • Changed “Cascade" bow cannons. Now they work like Colossus’ “Cascade" bow cannons.

Heavy Sniper Galleon (Vigilant, Nimble, Striker, Oracle)

  • When a defense booster is installed, the “Ability countered” message is no longer displayed upon fire.

Light Support Clipper (Radiance, Luminary, Aurora)

  • Radiance, Luminary: fixed the bug where the Triggered Module ability does not reduce module cooldown and resets its duration upon each enemy hit.
  • Aurora: fixed the bug where the Impaired Harvest ability does not work.
  • The camera now centers on the ship after the Impaired Tunnel ability is used.

Medium Assault Cruiser (Gale, Hurricane, Whirlwind, Typhoon)

  • Typhoon: fixed the bug where the ship’s engine can’t be broken.

Light Support Corvette (Victoria, Hope, Savior, Messiah)

  • Slightly changed the mechanics of Increscent Recovery - now the energy is consumed after the effect fades (because the recovery value depends on the current ship’s energy which is measured every time the ability works). The ability description now also indicates the total recovery including the bonus (previously, only recovery per second was indicated).
  • The camera now centers on the ship after the Impaired Leap to an Ally ability is used.

Medium Cruiser (Trainee, Veteran, Dueler, Gladiator)

  • Increased the efficiency of The Durability Recovery ability from 16% to 20%.
  • The camera now centers on the ship after the Leap to an Ally ability is used.

Heavy Strategic Battleship (Overlord)

  • Fixed the bug where the Swarm Power module reduces its cooldown from the cooling module talents instead of the heating module talents.


  • Replaced еру stat names with special icons in the hints. Now you can easily get the idea of how fast/nimble/durable/easily stirred, etc. a ship is.
  • Added the module types in the equipment research window.
  • Fixed the bug where messages are delivered repeatedly after the battle is over.
  • Improved the chat performance in the Bay. Now the private chat channel is opened by clicking on a player’s name and not on the message.
  • Fixed the bug where the messages’ timestamps in the chat window disappear after the client settings are changed.
  • Fixed the text formatting of the Premium account purchase button.
  • Corrected several chat issues
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