Server Maintenance

Introducing Cloud Pirates balance patch 1.4.11

On the 3rd of May 2017, starting from 9:00 CEST (12 AM PDT), the server will not be available for 3 hours due to the introduction of Patch 1.4.11


List of Patch 1.4.11 Changes

General Changes

  • Fixed the bug where the client crashed after loading a game
  • Fixed the bug where it was impossible to capture a point while being concealed in a cloud
  • Cold Silence Map – added new sound effects for wind and dragons
  • Stronghold Siege Mode – fixed the bug that prevented players from obtaining Meteoric Ore, players will now receive a compensation of 25 Meteoric Ore units per battle per each captain
  • Light Support Corvette and Clipper camera now automatically centers after teleporting

Medium Engineering Frigate

  • Changed Wodan’s Veil ability visuals

Light Support Corvette

  • Hope, Savior, Messiah – reduced the Increscent Recovery ability hitpoint recovery time
  • Hope, Savior, Messiah –the Recovering Leap hitpoint recovery effect is now spread over 5 seconds
  • Savior, Messiah – Pioneer gun, reactor energy gain reduced
  • Savior, Messiah – Moray gun, reactor energy gain improved
  • Savior, Messiah – Thundercloud gun hitpoint recovery slightly increased
  • Savior, Messiah – Nail bow gun hitpoint recovery amount slightly reduced, effect length reduced from 4 to 3 seconds
  • Messiah – Bar bow gun barrier reduced from 30% to 25% of hull durability, absorbed damage now counts as a healing point (previously support point)
  • Messiah – increased the hitpoint recovery time of Modular Barrier ability, absorbed damage now counts as a healing point (previously support point)
  • Messiah – Fulfilled Potential now reduces incoming damage by 30% (earlier 35%)
  • Messiah – Hitpoint recovery effect from the Pirates Don’t Die reduced by approximately 12%

Light Support Clipper

  • Radiance, Luminary – Vega and Storm bow guns had their damage and hitpoint recovery reduced and cooldown increased but can fire longer without overheating. Storm gun no longer protects your own ship
  • Luminary – Spark bow gun hitpoint recovery slightly reduced
  • Radiance, Luminary – Triggered Module ability now restores both hull and shield hitpoints, hitpoint recovery ability somewhat increased but the effect no longer works more than 30 times
  • Radiance, Luminary – Two Way Stream now recovers less hitpoints but works longer, the total reduction of hitpoint recovery is reduced roughly by 10%
  • Radiance, Luminary – Pilgrim ability hitpoint recovery time reduced
  • Radiance, Luminary – Tunnel ability hitpoint recovery is now not immediate, but spread over 5 seconds

Medium Distant Support Frigate (Whisperwind)

  • Kenari Net ability hitpoint recovery reduced from 1475 to 875, reload improved from 30 seconds to 20 seconds and the ability now works for your own ship as well
  • Cloud Shield and Impaired Cloud Shield now work for your own ship as well
  • Stream Management and Kenari Charms hitpoint recovery slightly reduced


  • The client no longer minimizes when changing the settings in fullscreen mode
  • Strategic Reinforcement Module icons changed
  • Fixed the issue with the switching of chat channels when pressing Tab
  • Fixed the issue with the blinking ship icons
  • Fixed the issue where the post-battle debriefing screen sometimes showed rating of a wrong ship
  • Module characteristics are now displayed correctly

AI Opponents

  • Medium Cruiser AI opponents are no longer using the Jump to Ally ability
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