Pirates of the World – Unite!

Learn more about the unified Cloud Pirates server for all the Pirates across the globe!


You’ve battled with and against other power-hungry cloud pirates, but it’s time to kick it to a different level.

We are happy to announce the Cloud Pirates Unified Server!

Starting from June 15 2017, the bloodthirsty buccaneers from the CIS region (including but not limited to Russia and Ukraine) will join the battle! To make that possible, a server maintenance will take place on June 15 from 9:00 CEST to 19:00 CEST.


You will have the opportunity to test your mettle against the very best the Russian server has to offer. With this step, the global Cloud Pirates community moves even closer together!

Please note:

  • This change does not affect existing My.com users and requires no action to be taken by them
  • Migration from the Russian server will be described in a separate guide, available in Russian language

Last but not least, Russian language channel has been added to our Cloud Pirates Discord – Russian speakers are cordially invited to come and meet the rest of the community there!

We are excited to welcome the CIS players to the fold – let’s get that horizon!

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