Friends & Family Test: Sep 29th to Oct 3rd!

Take the helm of your trusty battleship and join us in the Friends & Family testing event!

The Friends & Family Test is now concluded, thanks for taking part! We'll see you again soon in the next test phase – watch this space for details.

Welcome to the Friends & Family Weekend!

As we are moving closer to the release of Cloud Pirates, we are also getting more hands on deck to put the game through its paces and to find those kinks that need to be polished. The Friends & Family Weekend is our first test that extends outside the walls of my.com.

We have invited some close friends and partners of my.com, as well as some lucky players that signed up for our Beta Access. Make sure to check your email to see if you have been invited as well. If you haven’t, don’t fret – we will have more test sessions in the near future where we will expand the number of users who receive an invite. If you are not yet signed up for the Beta, then make sure to do that now! – Sign up for Beta!


Testing Schedule

The Cloud Pirates Friends & Family Test will be conducted in different phases in order to ensure that the server population is balance for the best game experience. Please refer to the table below to see when you will be able to take your Pirate Airship into battle!

  • First Playsession: Thursday, 29th August 18:00 CEST.
  • For PDT Timezone, please refer to the second table below.
Slot Timezone Sept 29th Sept 30th Oct 1st Oct 2nd Oct 3rd
1 CEST X 02:00–06:00 02:00–06:00 01:00 –05:00 01:00–05:00
2 CEST 18:00–21:00 18:00–21:00 16:00–20:00 16:00–20:00 X
Slot Timezone Sept 29th Sept 30th Oct 1st Oct 2nd Oct 3rd
1 PDT 17:00–21:00 17:00–21:00 16:00–20:00 16:00–20:00 X
2 PDT 09:00–12:00 09:00–12:00 07:00–09:00 07:00–09:00 X

Test Content

The Friends & Family playtest is Clould Pirates' very first test, giving players an opportunity to try core game mechanics, experience various PVP modes on a number of maps, and test progression of multiple ships across three class-tiers. Please note that the game is still in development, thus more content and game modes will be added in later stages of development.

Friends & Family content includes 21 playable ships within three weight-categories; such as the Clipper (light), Cruiser (medium), and Galleon (heavy) – all of which have their own inherent strengths and weaknesses, and can also be enhanced and customized by installing unique modules. Test your chosen ship(s) via four different game modes – such as Deathmatch, Control Point Capture, Deadman's Chest, and Payload Escort – spanning three unique maps.


Public Viewing

Some of our Friends and Family Testers will be streaming their gameplay on platforms such as twitch.tv or YouTube Live. Make sure to check out our social channels – we'll be highlighting the best content created during and after the Friends and Family Weekend!

-The Cloud Pirates Team

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