Update 1.5: Ranking Changes

Learn more about the changes to the Ranking system that were implemented in Update 1.5


In Update 1.5, we have reworked the rating calculation system.

Basically, now it works like this: a player’s rating is compared to his teammates’ rating in the current battle, and the system is ‘expecting’ that player to achieve certain results in that battle. If the player does meet the criteria, his rating grows; if he slightly falls behind, the rating does not change; if he is far behind, it decreases. In battle, you will see your contribution to the team’s results so you will know whether you need to need to improve your performance in order to earn rating.


Your pre-made party and your win rate are now also taken into account during the matchmaking. Players with a high win rate and players in pre-made parties have a higher rating in the matchmaking. With Update 1.5, all ships will need to complete 7 battles in order to qualify. Your previously earned rating will not be reset. Your new rating after those 7 qualifying battles will factor in your previous results.

Please note: the Ranking system is currently experiencing issues that will be resolved in an upcoming Patch. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience.

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