Update 1.3 – Player Rating

The “Stronghold” Update, coming on the 19th of April, is introducing an important competitive feature – Player Rating!

Update 1.3 “Stronghold” is bringing several new features. One of them is Player Rating – a value based on player performance, used to describe his or her skill. You will finally be able to find out just how good you really are and compare your results with your friends – or enemies!


In the “Stronghold” update, we will be introducing dividing the players and ships into several groups (Leagues) based on their skill:

  • Novice League
  • Contenders League
  • Bronze League
  • Silver League
  • Gold League
  • Especially Dangerous League

Each League will be determined by a certain Ranking range. For example, the Bronze league will consist of Captains who collected 1300 to 2000 Rating Points. After passing the 2000 point threshold, that ship will progress to the Silver League. However, it’s worth noting that you will get to keep the Bronze League medal even if your rating drops to zero.

General Rating consists of the sum of all Rating Points, collected by the Captain on all his ships while his Ship Rating is connected to his standing in the ship’s League. Ship Rating determines the League for each ship separately. It’s worth noting that only Tier 2 ships or higher participate in the Ranking system.

Captains have to play at least 7 battles with a ship in order for it to qualify for the Rating system. Based on these 7 qualifier battles, the ship is assigned to one of the Leagues. In the future, the Ship Rating will change after each battle based on their results. If 50 percent or more of battle’s teams consist of AI opponents, the result of the battle does not count towards rating.


Your rating increases if you play better than your current Rating value and decreases if you play worse. It’s completely possible for your Rating to decrease even after a victory. Generally speaking, the better the Captain, the higher his Rating.

Starting from the Silver League, the Rating becomes relative – players compete against each other for the opportunity to advance to a higher League. Only 20 percent of the best Captains make it to the Gold League and only 5 percent make it to the Especially Dangerous League. It is therefore not only important to play well – you have to play better than others!


If a Captain doesn’t play a ship for a week, that ship’s Ship Rating begins to decrease by 100 Rating Points per day until it reaches 2000 Rating Points or until at least one battle is played. If a ship has less than 7 battles in 14 days, it loses its League medal and is removed from the Rating System until 7 battles within the space of 14 days are played.

These changes influence the game’s Matchmaking mechanism – Matchmaking will put players with the same rating together to assure that the battles are always challenging and well balanced.

Happy hunting, Captains!

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