Pirate King – Forum Challenge

Are you and your friends arguing about who is the best pirate out there? Here’s your chance to find out!


Are you confident in your skills? If so, prepare to fight the whole community!


We are starting our first common forum challenge on May 26! Your task will be to stay on the top for seven days straight in one of the following three categories:

  • Damage
  • Restoration
  • Support

If someone posts a better result, he or she becomes the top player and need to hold the position for seven days – and so on. The winner is the player who holds the position for seven days first.


Screenshot must be posted in the dedicated forum thread and can't be modified in any way. The submission screenshot must include player's nickname (in the game game) and the post itself must include the name and the category.

Example: Nick1, damage.


The winner of each category will receive 1500 rubies in the form of a bonus code!

Please note:

  • The contest starts on May 26
  • Entries must be submitted in the dedicated challenge thread on the Cloud Pirates official forums
  • One player can only participate in one category (Damage, Restoration or Support)

We hope that you will enjoy this challenge! Happy hunting, pirates!

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