Lost Crew’s Treasure Maps are here!

Learn more about the opportunity to obtain the new maps for limited time only!


The Lost Crew’s Treasure Maps are here. These special maps, available for limited time only, offer you the opportunity to get your hands on a number of bonuses and specialized crews! The complete list of rewards from these maps includes:

  • 50,000 Gold
  • 3,000 Free Experience
  • 2 days of Premium Subscription
  • Crew contracts of any of the three qualities
  • Crew Skill Reset
  • Tavern Expansion
  • Experienced Talking Parrot

Learn more about the Lost Crew’s Treasure Maps in our dedicated article!


The maps are available in the in-game store from July 26 to August 2 2017 for the following prizes:

  • 1 Map: 179 Rubies
  • 10 Maps: 1590 Rubies
  • 20 Maps: 2980 Rubies

Additionally, starting from July 27, it’s possible to obtain these maps by completing special daily missions!

Please note:

  • This offer along with the mission availability end with the regular weekly maintenance on August 2

Happy hunting, Captains!

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