Introducing Update 1.5 “Burning Tide”

Learn more about this major update to Cloud Pirates


We are proud to present the newest addition to Cloud Pirates – Update 1.5 “Burning Tide”


Burning Tide main features include:

  • First Mates
  • New Map "Cursed Treasure Canyon"
  • New Mode "Moving Point Capture"
  • Lost Crew Treasure Maps

Full list of changes is available at the end of this article.

New Map "Cursed Treasure Canyon"

Captains, a new area has been discovered! The Cursed Treasure Canyon is an uncanny, dangerous, and treasure-packed region which attracts pirates from all the corners of the Astral. As a result of mysterious circumstances, its terrain has changed drastically. The majority of locals continue to live in the sunny part of the canyon, enjoying peace, serenity, and the golden autumn landscape. In the central part of the canyon, the Great Tree, untouched by the hex, grows with its branches spread all over.


But none of the canyon dwellers ever dare to walk into its dark part: that place is the source of the curse which has stricken the region. Several months ago a battle took place there, when many ships on both sides perished and their wrecks can still be seen scattered across the bottom. Some say there was a cursed cargo onboard of one of the ships. Others claim that the captain of a downed ship cursed both the treasures she was carrying and the attackers.

Time to set sail!

Lost Crew Treasure Maps

In Update 1.5, you may loot Lost Crew’s Treasure Maps and send expeditions through them.

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First Mates

The first mate now accompanies beginner ships; he comments on various captain’s actions and gives hints.


New Mode: Moving Control Point Capture

For 7x7 brotherhood battles only, another mode will become available. Generally, it is similar to the Control Point Capture mode, but the only difference is that the points start moving in a certain moment of battle, and you will have to adapt your tactics respectively.

Economics Changes

Tier 4 ship price reduced to 1.000.000 Gold. Ship repair costs reduced and the presence of AI bots no longer reduces the reward for the battles.

New Collector's Treasure Map

A new Collector's Treasure Map has been added. It can reward you with new portrait frames, flags, sails, stickers, and Doubloons, as well as the new hull color pattern "Hell Fire" which changes the ship hull's texture.
The amount of Doubloons has been increased for all maps. Now you can win 60, 90, or even 150 Doubloons (as opposed to 30-60-100)!


Other "Burning Tide" Changes

Animated Portraits

Animated captain portraits are available for sale for Collector's Doubloons. They are sold separately, but those who already have a regular copy of a portrait can purchase the animated version at a discount.

Ship Crews

Ship crews have been significantly reworked. Now they specialize on certain ship types (e.g. Light Kanian ships). This change will only affect the new crews.

Maps and Modes

  • Added extra time for gear selection after you resurrect in battle.

Outpost Siege

  • Fixed the bug where the respawn time is reduced for the defenders and increased for the attackers.
  • Slightly increased the volume and the distance of the sound effect for the outpost storage door breaking down.
  • Improved the visual effects for defensive turrets.

Payload Plunder

The reward in the Payload plunder mode now depends on the relation of captured/saved chests and not on the team's victory/defeat.
All delivered chests now give the same victory coefficient as any defender's victory before. The same applies to the attackers. When both teams score almost the same amount of chests, their reward coefficients will be approximately the same as well.

Brotherhood Rating Combats

  • Changed the amount of Thalers scored in rating battles.

Death Match

  • Now group bonuses grant 15 team points each (apart from the first one).

Ratings and Opponent Search

  • The ship's rating now automatically starts to drop in 30 days after the ship's last battle and not in 7 as before. The ship loses 50 rating points each day (previously, 100). / Changed the system of personal rating. More details on that will be revealed in the upcoming article.


  • Added a new daily quest chain.
  • Those daily quests will become available to you as soon as you reach captain level 3.
  • Each day you will be given 1 random quest from the new chain. If you complete or abandon it, the next day you will receive one of the remaining quests. The quests do not repeat, so you can complete them all and receive all the rewards.
  • All quests require completing certain achievements in battles.
  • Added the quest which teaches you how to use Strategic Reinforcement modules.

Captain and Crews

  • Experienced parrots now do not take up slots in the tavern. They are stored as a currency and can be used through the context action in the crew menu.
  • Crew effects which increase damage from tactical modules and recovery from tactical modules now give the two bonuses at the same time. The existing crews will be granted the missing effect.


  • Descriptions of most cannons now include their type (special property/damage over time).
  • Fixed the sound of projectile hits from allied support ships.
  • Fixed several hull color patterns.
  • Lowered the experience threshold for unlocking rank II ships.
  • Added descriptions for all cannons of rank I ships. They explain the mechanics and the firing characteristics.
  • Now after you fix the helm, the flight course is automatically set to "Forward" (previously, it was in the direction in which it was "jammed").
  • Fixed the bug where after respawn, the ship continued to move forward/backward.
  • Reworked the visual effects for certain cannons and their fire.
  • Changed the names of most cannons.

Light Stealth Corvette (Doom, Black Widow)

  • Increased the damage from automatic turret by ~10%.
  • Black Widow: fixed the bug where the ship becomes invisible in 3 seconds if it does not receive any damage/fire (now it becomes invisible in 4 seconds, as stated in the description).
  • Black Widow: added the missing info in the description of Enhanced Disguise module.
  • Black Widow: fixed the bug where Celestial Net missile increases all incoming damage by 25% instead of 50%.

Heavy Battleship (Rock, Bastion, Citadel, Colossus)

  • Reactor Booster now also reduces recovery module cooldown.

Medium Assault Cruiser (Gale, Hurricane, Whirlwind, Typhoon)

  • Unified Whirlwind's and Typhoon's incinerating bow artillery.
  • Whirlwind: Heavy Multicharged artillery Dragon - increased damage from fire by ~20%

Medium Interceptor Cruiser (Flow, Quicksilver)

  • Quicksilver: Burning Link ability has been changed to Growing Fire (Flow has a similar ability).

Medium Cruiser (Trainee, Veteran, Dueler, Gladiator)

  • Gladiator: Aurelius' Legionnaires ability no longer fires projectiles on enemies which are out of your vision range.
  • Unified all engines; increased maneuverability.
  • Reduced the range of all self-guided cannons to 80 vessels.

Light Support Corvette (Victoria, Hope, Savior, Messiah)

  • Increased hull durability by 5-10% for all levels (for lower levels, the increase is higher).
  • Messiah: increased cooldown for bow cannons of rank I and II ships. Increased damage for the rank III cannon.

Heavy Strategic Battleship (Overlord)

  • After Overlord is destroyed, its portals are also destroyed.
  • Added the sound effects for Life of the Swarm ability.

Heavy Defensive Galleon (Vetala, Strigoi)

  • Changed the appearance and the projectile type for several cannons.

Medium Engineering Frigate (Hammer, Furnace, Volcano, Skidbladnir)

  • Added the destruction animation for the summoned turrets.
  • Skidbladnir: Storm broadside cannons of rank III have a 1.5 second lag between shots.
  • Skidbladnir: Bow teleportation artillery now do not teleport you to the summoned devices.

Heavy Sniper Galleon (Vigilant, Nimble, Striker, Oracle)

  • Fixed the bug where the Shift ability can teleport you into an object and get you stuck there.

Heavy Reinforced Galleon (Windfall, Calamity, Cataclysm)

  • Changed the appearance and the projectile type for several cannons.

Light Torpedo Clipper (Thunder, Glint, Lightning Bolt, Meteor)

  • Bow artillery Peak, Spear, Clover - the lag between shots has been increased to 1.5 seconds; significantly increased the damage.
  • Lightning Bolt, Meteor: Extra Acceleration ability no longer inflicts damage to summoned devices.
  • Thunder: Pulsar ability now reduces target's speed and maneuverability by 40% (previously, by 70%).
  • Lightning Bolt (the same applies to Premium ship Reaper): Weakening Pulsar ability now reduces target's speed and maneuverability by 40% (previously, by 70%).
  • Lightning Bolt (the same applies to Premium ship Reaper): heavy bow artillery Dragon - the damage from fire has been increased by ~50%
  • Magnetic Impulse no longer interrupts Linking Leap.


  • Fixed the bug where the decorations from the Spring Set 2017 are named incorrectly in the system chat.
  • Mouse sensitivity now can be adjusted more precisely.
  • Added a clarifying caption above the reactor energy bar in the combat interface.
  • Fixed the issue with the marker display in the tutorial mode.
  • Fixed the button layout in the ship filter.
  • Reworked the battle result window; added column sorting. Added the option to select the sorting filter in the battle result window.
  • Fixed the issue with misplacement of Party and Brotherhood buttons.
  • Added the design for the captain talent window.
  • Fixed the issue with the chat freeze.
  • Added a new shop window with treasure chests.
  • The chat now stays available after battle is finished.
  • Changed the background for the selected decoration item.
  • The visibility indicator for disguise-equipped ships is no longer displayed in the battle result window.
  • Added enlarged icons to the ship descriptions.

Happy hunting!

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