Introducing Update 1.2 “Death or Glory”

Learn more about this major update to Cloud Pirates


We are proud to present the newest addition to Cloud Pirates – Update 1.2 “Death or Glory!”

Death or Glory main features include:

  • Brotherhood Ladder System
  • Special reward for the First Victory of the Day
  • New map Fractal Space

Full list of changes is available at the end of this article.


Brotherhood Ladder System – this new game mode allows the Cloud Pirate Brotherhoods to form teams of 7 Captains and participate in special Brotherhood versus Brotherhood combat during specific days and times of the week on standard maps and in standard game modes. Please note:

  • Teams can only consist of Brotherhood members
  • Incomplete team slots will not be filled automatically, assembling a team of 5 Captains means that you will only have these 5 Captains in battle, potentially against 7 enemy Captains
  • Two teams from the same Brotherhood cannot meet one another in battle
  • Team composition is limited by role (for example, no more than 2 support ships are allowed) but multiple ship Tiers are allowed, Premium Ships are allowed as well

The best Brotherhood teams will receive a weekly reward (for example, rare crews). Each team will have a special rating (based on a combination of the ratings of each member as well as the Brotherhood). Special matchmaker will put teams with matching ratings together in order to ensure maximum fairness.

Victory over opponents with higher rating will increase your Team’s rating more than a victory over weaker opponents and, vice versa, losing to much stronger opponents will not reduce your Team’s rating as much as losing to weaker ones.

Lone wolf Captains should not worry, however. One of the post-Update 1.2 patches will bring Personal Rating for solo players as well. Each ship will have its Captains split into groups by performance. Achieving better performance and moving to a better group will bring you higher rewards!


Special reward for the First Victory of the Day – the first victory with each ship will now grant double the usual amount of Experience. This bonus resets daily.

New map Fractal Space – Update 1.2 is bringing a new Deathmatch map! The Fractal Space was created by an ancient, insane race, driven by only one thing – the instinct to destroy. To hunt down these demented creatures is a dangerous but lucrative undertaking as each of them contains a core that is extremely valuable on black market – a perfect opportunity for a band of unscrupulous pirate cutthroats!

And last but not least, three-man groups will return in the near future as previously announced!

List of “Death or Glory" Changes

We hope that you’ll enjoy this new update! Good hunting, Captains!

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