Coming Soon: Update 1.3 "Stronghold"

Learn more about the major update coming soon to Cloud Pirates


We are proud to introduce the first preview of the newest addition to Cloud Pirates – Update 1.3 "Stronghold", bringing you some long-awaited changes, including 3-man groups, ratings, Brotherhood Strongholds and Stronghold Siege mode! Cloud Pirate Captains will now also have the opportunity to modify their ship configuration prior or even during battle and to use powerful consumables!


Three-man Groups are returning to Cloud Pirates. Now you and two of your friends can take to the skies and hunt together!

Personal Ratings – now you have the option to compare your performance with each ship with that of other Captains! The names and ratings of the best Captains will be available on a dedicated portal page in the future.

We will also introduce a League system for each ship separately. Captains can compete with each other to advance to a higher League. The following leagues will be available:

  • Newbie League
  • Apprentice League
  • Bronze League
  • Silver League
  • Golden League
  • Elite League

These leagues will influence matchmaking by always seeking equally skilled opponents for each Captain and ship. After the Stronghold Update goes live, all Captain ratings will be re-calculated to work with the League system using the new parameters.


Brotherhood Strongholds – changes await Captains who have chosen to ally themselves with one Brotherhood or another. They will now get the opportunity to spend the Meteoric Ore obtained in the past in Convoy Mode on creating their very own Brotherhood Strongholds!

Accumulating enough Ore for a Stronghold will not be an easy task, as the price will be quite steep – 75000 Ore units. Once constructed, it will also be possible to improve any Stronghold with structures such as defensive turrets and more.


Stronghold Siege – this is a new mode called Stronghold Siege. This mode will be available to all Captains, regardless of whether they are members of a Brotherhood or not. It will take place on a special Stronghold map during specific times (much like the earlier Convoy mode).

A special version of this mode will be available for Brotherhoods, who will have the opportunity to fight other Brotherhoods and besiege their Strongholds. The participants will either have to protect their own Stronghold or attack the enemy's. The attackers will be able to damage the enemy Stronghold by capturing points and destroying defensive structures with the ultimate goal of assaulting the heart of the enemy base, protected by turrets. The defenders have to stop them at all costs!

The winners will be rewarded with a new type of currency, allowing them to purchase special customization options – golden cannons. Please note that the Stronghold Siege mode will only be available during specific times and on specific days.


Combat Customization – in the Stronghold Update, Captains with Tier 2 ships or higher will have the option to change their ships' Weapon and Gear configuration after the start of a battle! This will allow experienced Captains to better face their enemies and to adjust their ship load-out for the ultimate performance!

Captains will be given the option to create several pre-sets before the battle. During the battle start countdown and after dying when waiting for the respawn, it will be possible to switch between these pre-sets. Please note that the pre-set switch will carry a cost of several hundred to several thousand Gold, depending on the ship's Tier.


Consumables – Rank 4 Captains of Tier 2 ships or higher will have the option to use one-time consumables, acquired in the Hangar via the Equipment screen. These consumables will activate automatically and will come in three categories:

  • Offensive (providing an additional ability)
  • Defensive (passive bonus)
  • Special (passive bonus)

The consumables available will be unique to each ship and their price will depend on the ship's Tier. As an example, the Black Widow Tier 4 Light Stealth Corvette will have the following consumables available:

  • Reactor Amplifier – when not cloaked or in the Overload mode, the ship's guns will do 35% more damage. When cloaked or in the Overload mode, the ship will accelerate 1 vessel per second faster
  • Protection Amplifier – a shield charge is generated every 10 seconds with 3 charges being the maximum value. One charge is spent every time the cloaked ship takes damage, preventing its forced de-cloaking
  • Offensive Ability – instantly moves the ship 75 meters forward with 0.5 second activation time. The ship automatically becomes cloaked after the jump, all negative effects are removed and the ship also instantly receives 3 shield charges

All this and more will be part of the upcoming Update 1.3 Stronghold – we hope you enjoy it! A full list of changes will be available as the update nears its release.

Happy hunting, Captains!

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