Collector's Edition

Learn more about the two new amazing ships and other treasures, now available to all daring Captains!


Enhance your experience with a combination of premium ships, useful bonuses, rare currencies and shiny vanity items. Because why captain a ship when you can’t have the best one!


Vengeance Pack

A wise man once said: "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. One for your target and one for the fool walking along with him." The Vengeance is a Tier 2 premium battleship that will deliver on this. The ship comes with newsails and flags to set you apart from the other ships and a handful of precious rubies.

The Vengeance Pack contains:

Price: 19,99 EUR (19,99 USD)


Exterminator Pack

Crush your enemies, witness them breaking before you and hear the cries of despair from their crews. The Exterminator is a Tier 3 premium frigate that packs one hell of a punch. You will get to enjoy it along with sails and flags to set you apart from the other ships. And to top it off, there are precious rubies in the bundle as well! Because rubies are pirate’s best friend.

The Exterminator Pack contains:

Price: 34,99 EUR (34,99 USD)


Plunder Pack

You know what’s better than a good bargain? Getting things for free! Purchase the Plunder Pack and get both the Exterminator and the Vengeance, all the customization items from the two previous packages, along with more rubies and more!. All of that for a discounted price and topped off with 1 month of premium time for free!

The Plunder Pack contains:

  • Exterminator Tier 3 Frigate (Click to View)
  • Vengeance Tier 2 Battleship (Click to View)
  • Captain Portrait
  • Portrait Frame
  • Unique Flag for all ships (Click to View)
  • Unique Sails for all ships (Click to View)
  • 30 days of Premium Time
  • 1500 Rubies
  • 10 Treasure maps storage slots

Price: 44,99 EUR (44,99 USD)


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