Cloud Pirates – Release Coming Soon

Learn more about the official Cloud Pirates release, coming in the near future!


The wait is almost over. We are proud to announce that Cloud Pirates will be officially released along with Update 1.3 “Stronghold” on the 19th of April 2017! All players will gain unlimited access to the game without the need to obtain an Early Access key! Read more about the awesome release content in our preview!

Cloud Pirates is an action-packed game where Captains unlock, customize and control a large number of cloud ships, fighting for the control of the skies! Overcome cutthroat opposition and become the best Cloud Pirate Captain by using all tools at your disposal:

  • More than 45 Cloud Ships
  • 19 distinctive Ship Classes, each with unique gameplay
  • 6 Game Modes, ranging from casual to ranked competition
  • Brotherhoods – become a part of a pirate band with other Captains. You will never have to hunt alone ever again!
  • Captain, Crew and Ship Progression – hire the best crews, purchase the most powerful equipment and unlock dozens of Captain talents to select the best combination for your play style
  • Visual Customization – obtain a large number different colors, sails and flags to personalize your ship, make the enemy fear your colors

So go out there and make a name for yourselves, the world is yours for the taking and untold riches await!

Happy hunting, Captains!

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