Burning Tide Offer

Learn more about the two new Premium ships that are currently available in Cloud Pirates


Update 1.5 “Burning Tide” is introducing, amongst other features, two new Premium ships:

  • Chaplain
  • Charon

Both Tier 3 ships have very distinctive playstyle and unique abilities. They will be available in the in-Game Store from July 19 along with a special bundle that contains both ships for 7,000 Rubies. Please note that this bundle is only available until July 26.

  • Tip: You can access the in-Game Store by pressing the Store button on the Bay interface upper bar.


Chaplain is a Tier 3 Heavy Support Galleon, capable of fire support as well as buffing your allies and restoring their hitpoints. At first glance, the description sounds like the one of Aurora, but Chaplain’s gameplay is quite different. For one, Chaplain has a special passive module that restores hull and shield hitpoints to every friendly ship within 75 vessels once per 3 seconds. Chaplain’s other module effects revolve around this passive ability – it can be configured to buff your allies, speed them up or provide additional restoration. On the other hand, the guns of the ship can only be used to deal damage, not to heal. While it may look bulky, Chaplain is mobile and has a lot of hitpoints. Its downside, however, is the distinctive lack of defensive measures.

  • Price: 4,500 Rubies


Charon is a Tier 3 Torpedo Cruiser. On the surface, it resembles a Torpedo Corvette, but its battlefield role is quite unique – to deal area-wide damage. Its frontal guns apply Seals on enemy ships that last for a certain period of time. Apart from the effect of the Seals themselves (for example, setting enemy ships on fire), Charon is equipped with modules that allow it to detonate all active Seals at once, dealing massive damage in the process. This way, Charon can mark several enemies at once with its Seals and detonate them, dealing damage to multiple ships at the same time. The second main ability allows Charon to reduce the incoming healing for enemy ships by 35 percent when hitting them with its frontal guns.

  • Price: 4,500 Rubies

We hope that you will enjoy both these new ships – happy hunting, captains!

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