Brotherhood Ranking

Learn more about the battles between Brotherhoods in Cloud Pirates and their Ranking!


Update 1.2 “Death or Glory” introduced ranked Brotherhood versus Brotherhood battles. But how does the Matchmaker choose the right opponents for your Brotherhood and how do you measure the overall quality of a Brotherhood? Let's find out!


The first thing the Matchmaker mechanism does when your Brotherhood team enters the queue is look for suitable opponents with a Brotherhood Rating close to yours. After the candidates are selected, the Matchmaker creates Teams with Captains that are the closest to the average participant rating.

When choosing the enemy Team, the Matchmaker takes special care not to pit you against the same opponent several times in a row. If for any reason the Matchmaker cannot find you a suitable Brotherhood opponent (for example, there are no suitable Teams in the queue), it starts a match against AI opponents instead.

Team Rating is calculated as an average of all its members' Personal Ratings. It only influences Brotherhood Ranking Battles and can only change based on their results – winning increases it losing decreases it. Defeating an enemy whose rating is very high results in massive rating point gains (and the enemy team loses many points), but if the enemy rating is low, defeating the enemy team yields only small rewards. For the purpose of rating calculations, AI opponents count as Captains with the lowest rating possible.


Unlike the Team Rating, the Brotherhood Rating can only go up. The more Team Rating points you earn and the higher the difference between your Team and the enemy Team, the more Brotherhood Rating points your Brotherhood gets. In other words, a 1400:0 victory brings more points than a 1400:1000 victory.

Each member of the Team receives a small bonus for participation to motivate Captains to participate even in battles versus weak Teams as even victories against very weak opponents earn Brotherhood Rating income. However, please note that defeating AI opponents only yields 50% rewards when compared to defeating even the weakest human-controlled Ships.

Rating calculations are performed once a battle has ended. Not finishing the battle with all Captains present (for example, because someone leaves early) results in a small Rating income penalty for the Team and the Captain who left early doesn't get anything, which is why all Captains must take special care to be there at the battle's end.

The Brotherhood ranking page is now available on the Cloud Pirates Website.

Please note: the Ranking is reset on weekly basis.

We hope you find this guide helpful – good hunting, Captains!

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