It’s Loot Time!

It’s the right time to make use of our Update 1.4 “Stronghold” launch event!


With Cloud Pirates now available to everyone for free, it’s time to start your Pirate career properly! Do you want to become the best out there? Then it’s time to make use of our Update 1.4 “Stronghold” launch event!

From April 19 until April 24 (12 PM CEST, 3 AM PDT), all Captains will receive 50% more Experience!

But what would be a Pirate Captain without some loot?


The following bundles are now available in Cloud Pirates via the in-game Quick Start button once a Captain reaches Level 2:

Beginner’s Pack I


  • Unique Flag for all Ships
  • 3 days of Premium Account
  • 8.000 units of Free Experience

Price: 4.99 EUR/USD

Beginner’s Pack II


  • Unique Sail Sticker for all Ships
  • Unique Sails for all Ships
  • 250 Doubloons (used to unlock additional Customization options)
  • 2 days of Premium Account

Price: 4.99 EUR/USD

Beginner’s Pack III


  • 20.000 units of Free Experience
  • 750 Rubies
  • 7 days of Premium Account
  • 2.000 skill-reset points
  • 250.000 Gold

Price: 9.99 EUR/USD

Good luck out there, Captains, and happy hunting!

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