Ask the Developers - Q&A 5

Find out more about upcoming features in Cloud Pirates!


Another installment of the Developer Q&A series is here. Find out more about the future of Cloud Pirates!


  • Is there a plan for the game development (for the next 6 months or so), and if there is, will it be presented to the players?

Of course, we always have a plan! Most importantly, we will concentrate on improving ships’ balance (reworking healing and strengthening mechanics), and also developing the brotherhood system, Stronghold battles, as well as new maps and modes. In the medium-term perspective, we will redesign crews, captain talents, and treasure maps.

  • Do you aim to enter the eSports arena with this project?

It’s difficult to say. In order to be an eSports discipline, this project needs a bigger audience and modes that fit for streaming. We will see how the rating combats go and then think of it.

  • How many developers are currently working on this project, and are they divided into teams? If so, which team is the largest?

We’re not that big so far. If you count everyone who develops the project right now, it would be about 30 people. The teams are approximately of the same size, but in general the most numerous would be the artists (concept artists, modelers, texture artists, animation artists, FX artists).

  • Does the genre of “Cloud Pirates” allow you to implement a full-fledged AI instead of bots (like Nival’s AI “Boris”)?

I don’t think so. There have been numerous examples in the industry when the majority of players didn’t like the AI because it was too good and they felt like they were cheated. We are constantly improving our bots but we are not planning to implement a full-fledged AI. If you check the statistics, you will see that right now bots often play better than an average player.

  • Is your local management satisfied with the current monetization system? Will the strategy change if the results don’t answer to their expectations?

We think our paid content policy is rather moderate. Hardly any of the rival products have a similar model. That’s why we don’t want to change it, but we do want to expand the assortment.

  • What do the developers think of the poll results which showed that the players would be interested in seeing a PVE and a storyline campaign in the game? Are they planning to do anything about it?

Frankly, I wasn’t surprised with the poll results, because people always want the PvE and the storyline, but if we take an honest look at the PvE modes in other similar games, we’ll see that they get old in a couple of weeks while take a tremendous amount of time and efforts in development. That’s why adding a PvE is a difficult question; we don’t discard the idea, but we don’t have it on our medium-term plans.

  • Will it become possible to change your name in the game?


  • Why a team can only fight team battles two hours a week?

Those are OBT restrictions only. We want the guild battles to take place in the hours of the highest online traffic. Then players mostly fight each other and not the bots, which allows us to make a deeper analysis of the situation.

  • What plans do you have for guild events and mechanics?

Brotherhoods already can strengthen their Strongholds; soon we will tell more about the new features of the Strongholds.

  • How will the achievement system develop?

We are planning to implement long-term achievements. Those are tricky accomplishments which can be attained only once. They will be seen by both your allies and your enemies.

  • Will you correct the crew assignment system? Players feel the need for a precise mechanism, described on the forum or on the website, which would make it clear for them which crew fits best for their ship.

Redesigning the crews is on our medium-term plans. Right now the crews perform their role only partially and do not represent what we wanted them to be initially.

  • Are you going to add any exclusive content (e.g. decorations, portraits, crews, etc.) which can only be received in certain game activities or by completing certain quests?

We already have such content. It includes flags, sails, portraits, and frames, and in the future, we are planning to add ships. Now we also have gold cannons which can only be won in rating combats.

  • Are going to change captain and crew talent mechanics?

My answer about the crews applies here as well.

  • At the initial levels, there were missions which could be completed in battles. On higher levels, there are no such missions, and this makes the game boring. Are you going to add new missions?

Long-term achievements and more difficult (and more amply rewarded) quests for top-Tier ships will solve this problem. We already have daily quests. We are also thinking about adding some more interesting goals.

  • When will it become possible to upload a brotherhood icon to replace the question mark, and where will it be displayed?

With one of the next updates. Our plan is to allow you to change your guild emblem and to install it on your Stronghold.

  • Will it become possible to increase the brotherhood member limit?

No. 40 members is the optimal limit for a brotherhood.


  • Will there be new ships and races?

Yes, there will be both new ships and races. I can’t tell the exact date, but most likely this will happen with some of the first patches after the release.

  • When will you rework the ships within their classes? For instance: a tank should tank and not damage; a healer should heal and not damage or tank. When will Skidbladnir become an engineer, and Aurora - a healer and not a killer?

We make changes in the balance with each update. The tanks you mentioned do their job perfectly as tanks. The healers’ problem is more complex, and solving it without lowering the stats of the support ships doesn’t seem possible, so for now we have removed the least balanced combinations, and we are working on a major solution which will affect the healing balance in the whole game.

  • Are you planning to add any debuffer ships? Right now, many ships have skills and cannons which generally reduce speed, maneuverability, incoming damage, and disable enemies’ abilities, but we would also want to see some skills that reduce incoming healing, increase cannon heating and cooling rate, reduce firing rate, projectile velocity, etc.

We tested some ships similar to what you described, but, as we had expected, it didn’t turn out as a good idea without a pre-made party and voice communication. When you’re playing with your friends, such ship is indispensable, but when you end up in a random battle, those ships are practically useless since they lack communication with the team. Anyway, we abandoned the idea, but I can’t be sure we will never come back to it.

  • Will there be other ships with an unusual combat style?

Not before we release the next update with new ships.

  • Will you add Premium ships above Tier 3?

I suppose so.

Maps and Modes

  • Will there be a separate activity for solo players?

Solo players can participate in all the same modes available for brotherhood members. The only difference is that solo players don’t earn ore and brotherhood rating.

  • Will you reintroduce the Dreadnoughts Mode, or was it removed for good?

It will not be reintroduced in the near future, but we might replace it with another mode.

  • Will you introduce at least one new map within the next 2 months?

Not one but two.

  • Will the Fractal Zone map become available for other modes?

This map is way too mode-specific, but we will work on other modes for it over time.

  • When will you add new modes?

In the nearest updates.

  • Are you going to add any new “farming” mechanics (like treasure maps)?

Not yet. But we will improve the treasure maps.

  • Are you going to make seasonal group activities (not for brotherhoods)?

Like Halloween? :)

  • Are you going to add any fun modes with some special (bizarre, maybe) rules?

Quite possible!

  • Are you going to launch any events for the premiere of the Pirates of the Caribbean?

We actually have been contacted by Disney representatives. Unfortunately, the premiere is coming way too soon for us to be able to prepare something. But don’t be sad - fans of Jack Sparrow will find a portrait for their liking!


  • Are you going to expand player ratings (add mode points, support points, etc.)?

I’m not sure I understood correctly. All of the mentioned parameters currently count towards the rating. We have various plans for rating improvements
- Are you going to add the total bonus to the talent tab interface?

Yes, we are going to add it as we rebalance the captain talents.

  • Will you add the Favorite ships button?


  • When will you improve the statistics within the brotherhood, where you can see all the records on ore gain, activities, and brotherhood battles? A registry building in the Strongholds could perform that function, and the statistics could be expanded with each upgrade.

Stronghold is an entertaining activity, let’s not turn it into an accounting department. But we will surely add some more detailed statistics.


  • Will you add a market for trading crews or decorations?

Not in the nearest future.

  • Why don’t you double the amount of gold earned in the first battle, as you do with experience?

We will surely extend the x2 bonus to certain currencies. But I can’t tell which ones exactly right now. We don’t want to turn this bonus into something you have to farm unavoidably.

  • Will you return Premium access to the maps? Will you increase the amount of ruby drop from the maps?

We might bring back Premium access. And rubies do drop from the maps in quite an ample quantity right now if you take a look at the statistics.

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